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About us - The O Argos Shelter in Trikala Empty About us - The O Argos Shelter in Trikala

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O ARGOS is a Pro-Life Animal haven for dogs and cats and has been officially registered as a non profit organization. O ARGOS have a NO EUTHANISE policy - animals are only put down if they are in distress due to age or illness.

There was an urgent need in Trikala to provide a safe and caring environment for animals until they are either reclaimed by its owners, placed in a new home, or to provide a life long shelter for the rest of their days, so in 2007, the municipality of Trikala, created an animal shelter, in an old military camp, near the centre of the town. At the same time OUR animal welfare group was founded and along with the program (of the municipality), helped at the shelter by helping with the walking of the dogs in the morning and in the afternoon, the cleaning, the feeding etc..

The animals that were kept there, after sterilization and therapy, were adopted. The dogs that were not fortunate enough to get adopted were placed by the municipality, in a dumpster outside the city and left there!!!The shelter belongs to the municipality and as the Greek law commands, it is the municipality’s responsibility to fund and assist the shelter. Unfortunately, for the last 2.5 years, they left us hanging by withdrawing any kind of help (mainly financial which ARE funded by the Greek government). We are obligated to pay for food, sterilization, medical treatments, surgeries, amputations and orthopaedic procedures. So 2 or 3 animal lovers were forced to go daily to take care of the abandoned animals (to feed them and give them their medicines). Unfortunately, the circumstances weren't helping us, but with huge efforts, we were able to save some of the animals. The rest were lost……..and many poisoned.

In December 2009, the shelter was found inappropriate, because it was situated inside the city. So it was moved 6 km outside of it. 100 dogs were placed to the wretched facilities. A marathon begun for us to try to improve the facilities. A single member of the group constructed roofs for the animals, in order for them to be protected from the rain and the sun. She used every dime she had on this project and she spent 2 months of labor. We cleaned the property, created panels and everything else that we could think of, in order to make the shelter more functional and easy for the dogs to live in.

As an association, we have many members (only on paper), but the reality is different, because essentially there are only 2 women who take care of the shelter daily and 2 other women, who take care of the strays in the town and the nearby areas.

We are left with nothing (no money, no support, no help from others), with a mayor who wants to get rid of us (and the strays). No help of the state and no help from the local society (because everybody here thinks it is stupid to help strays).

We have more than 400 adoptions in our history (unfortunately we do not have photos-facebook was not so popular at the time), many salvations, many handicapped animals in our care, many new comers (puppies, usually ill), thrown at the shelters door and of course the 140 dogs in the shelter, 100 more outside of it, along with 100 cats! As long as we have strength and power we will do our best to help! But for how long?
We are pleading for your support!
We know that we are living in difficult times, but let’s not forget, the animals are part of our society and the way we treat them shows our civilization. They are helpless and are depending on us!

With a bank balance of 0.00 Euro and with all the animals in our care, and 150kg of dog food and 40kg of cat food being consumed per day, the future looks very bleak.

Please help us make a difference!

The Trikala Shelter Dog's CHIP IN:
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Wish List
Our Most Urgent Item is FOOD! We do not receive grants from the Municipality and we must provide food for 200 dogs and 100 cats each day. Consider the following items that we are always in need of:

Flea and Tick treatments - collars and liquid / FrontLine
Bleach, disinfectant, anti-bacterial spray and lotion.
Blankets and towels
Puppy and kitten food
Drontal Plus, Banmith, Advantix, Stronghold.
Strong and long CHAINS, COLLARS of all sizes and LEASHES.
DOG HOUSES medium or large size.
Construction materials
Please Go to Our Trikala (O' Argos) Website for Sponsorship of a Dog:
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Our Story is Featured in the Examiner:

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Our Story was also Featured in "Pet Pardon's" News Article Below:
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