The Situation in Greece

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The Situation in Greece Empty The Situation in Greece

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A Summary of the Greek Situation

We estimate that in Athens alone there are 12.000 – 15.000 stray dogs. We cannot give a figure for cats as they are nocturnal animals and often hide.

Whereas the normal life-span for a dog is 11 – 13 years, depending on the breed, Greek strays have an average life-span of 2.5 years. Those that survive the cars and the poisonings, die from ehrlichiosis and leishmaniasis (Kala-azar).
With such short lives their numbers should have been much lower were it not for our fellow citizens who continually renew the number of strays.
Animals that were bought and ‘suddenly’ became a nuisance
Animals that proved ‘useless’ for the purpose they were acquired, e.g. hunting dogs that aren’t good hunters, according to their owners
Animals from pet pregnancies. Greeks stubbornly refuse to neuter their pets, but a female dog gives birth 3 times a year to 4 – 6 puppies. Roughly the same numbers apply to cats.
Very few of these newborns find new families. Who has 15 new families in their circle of friends every year who want to adopt a pet?
The newborns that aren’t adopted are either euthanized or end up as strays

There is, unfortunately, a constant renewal in the number of stray animals. It is only the mass deaths from cars, poisoning and starvation that stop them from flooding the streets.

The state has passed laws and provided budgets for the care of stray animals. Every Municipality is obliged to have a shelter for strays and to perform neutering, but few Municipalities adhere to the law. The majority do not.

In the best cases, we find the stray animals dumped at the side of the road. In most cases, however, we find them abused, crippled or sealed in a plastic bag and thrown in the rubbish bins.

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