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Post  Admin on Sat Feb 25 2012, 01:44

Demis this amazing dog was left at the shelter by a father of a 7 year old child. The day after he came to the shelter with his son, the little boy was in despair because he had thought that his puppy was lost and he wanted to see if he was there. That man who considered himself as a father told the girls at the shelter not to say anything to the boy about the puppy. So Demis stayed at the shelter! He enjoys to jumps the 2m fence to get out of the shelter and loves freedom often running like the wind. He could be mistaken for a horse running. The girls let him out for an hour in the morning but after that he is kept on a leash because he is chasing cars that are passing by. The shelter helpers feel extremely guilty but it has to be done to protect him. He is nearly 4 years old sterilized. Very easy going, friendly and gets along well with all the dogs. He stays in one of the basic inside shelters with other 7 dogs. Could you offer Demis the freedom he deserves?

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