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Spyros (taking a bath) was one of eight puppies found three years ago on a landfill that Ioanna and Valentina the shelters helpers were visiting twice a week to feed the strays there. Six of them were adopted but Spyros and Fantasio (one of the other puppies) had skin problems and stayed at the shelter until 4 months old. Both of them were adopted by a local to be used as guard dogs for his business. The helpers at the shelter checked on them twice in their new home and everything was fine. Months later Xanthi one of the shelters helpers was passing by and she didn't see the dogs. The answer was that the dogs were in the village. On every return visit the answer was that they are around here! At the same time Themis the shelters helper was feeding 2 stray brothers near the local University it was Spyro and Fantasio! The girls at the shelter had to see the photos taken by Xanthi to realise it. They were both taken back to the shelter and Spyros gets on well with all the dogs, very friendly and loveĀ“s humans. Every time that someone comes to the shelter he jumps the 2m fence to investigate always hoping that someone take him. Could you be the one to take him?

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