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Post  susanns on Tue Mar 27 2012, 09:29

Computer Geek and wannabe Graphic designer / Marketing / Branding person / Newsletter writing person (with own chief proofreader - Thank you Jane; and occasional co-editor Krystal) :-)

Also, cat person with tendencies to wanting a dog too (it will happen one day but right now my cat does not approve!)

Seriously now, I found out about Trikala and Elpida via Facebook, I actually believe it was Linda's Pet Food Bank who sparked my interest in looking at Trikala and Elpida. I started donating, then speaking with people in Greece and before I knew it I was involved... and I have not looked back since.

I have started my own FB page and group, both called "The Shelter & Stray Animal Voices". The idea is to gather information about shelters and start animals and their helpers/volunteers in Southern and Eastern Europe. To write newsletters, other letters, petitions, spread the word about those shelters/strays and their volunteers and to raise awareness... It doesn't stop there but as it is early days... we need to get our feet off the ground first and start with one or two shelters before going global ... Trikala and Elpida are those two.


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