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I found the Trikala Shelter via a link put on 'Patrick's' page by Elaine Weisner-Rohr - so Patrick sent me, some of you may be familiar with that saying Very Happy

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I watched the Trikala page for a few days and was inspired by these 5 women who were giving their all to their cause.

While looking through the Handicapped Dogs up for adoption page of the Trikala Website I found the beautiful Elpida - Greek meaning 'Hope' She had been found tied up in a field in the middle of nowhere, with her Mother and 2 brothers, her leg was broken in 3 places. Elpida is one of the very first dogs that the girls rescued. They had her leg fixed and the operation went well but the person who picked Elpida up from the vets forgot to pass on the message that she would need to go back to have her plates removed. She kept growing as she was only a pup. She now has a bendy leg in which all the bones are fused. So I sponsored her for a couple of months.

There was something about Elpida - her eyes - I was smitten I love you

I decided that sponsoring just wasn't enough and talked it through (brainwashed them lol) with the family. I started to enquire about adoption with the girls via Linda V of Pet Food Bank in Greece. The girls sent me a message that Elpida has a best friend called Shakespeare. He was also one of the first dogs that the girls rescued, in fact they were found on the same day as puppies and have never been away from each other, apart from their neutering operations, since. He was found on the streets as a stray, with a minor leg fracture. Very nervous but sweet with the girls.

Within a week Linda organised the start of the medical treatment they needed for their Pet Passport. The 6 month Quarantine rule was still in force then so February was looking to be their arrival date. When the law changed they arrived here with us in the UK. They are the sweetest most clever dogs I have ever met. We are the luckiest family alive.

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The girls have inspired me so much that I now volunteer as well as donating. I am more in the background than most of the Trikala Volunteers doing registration and gift aid stuff, but I will be helping with UK adoptions too. UK Supporters will be able to send parcels to me as I will be near a regular route from a Transport Guy who helps the shelter - postage to Greece is unbelievably expensive!

I also started this forum up for the girls Very Happy

I live in the Forest of Dean, have a 14 year old daughter called Caitlin. Have a snake called Suzy, 2 parrots called Meg and Rosie. And 2 adorable Greekies called Ellie and Shaky - all the way from Trikala in Greece. They are all my life Very Happy


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