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Become a Trikala Guardian Angel Empty Become a Trikala Guardian Angel

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 27 2012, 12:29

Don’t Confiscate & Euthanize, Educate & Sterilize, by Becoming a TRIKALA SHELTER Guardian Angel!

The Challenge...

We are challenging 1500 people to donate $10, 6.50 GBP 7.50 EUR per month toward the TRIKALA SHELTER so that this shelter can continue rehabilitating the severely neglected and abused animals as well as feed the dogs in their care and do sterilisations.

WE can do this, with financial suppawt, help and spreading the word, we can give animals the very best second chance in life that they deserve, and only YOU can HELP!!!!

PAYPAL: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

By sponsoring the TRIKALA SHELTER you enable us to continue our 24/7 commitment to every rescued animal and to the place they call their sanctuary.

Your monthly suppawt will help some of the neediest animals at our Haven, animals who have special physical or emotional needs. We can call you a Trikala Shelter Guardian Angel and with the help of this monthly contribution we can make sure that they get the medical care, time, affection and attention that they need to heal. Your monthly donation will give every single one a whole new life.

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